Vulva lesions

Why is it measured?

Vulva lesions are caused by other pigs biting out of frustration. They are painful, can become secondarily infected and can result in scarring and subsequent farrowing difficulties. Lesions from vulva biting are associated with competition for feed, restricted water access, low feed levels and inadequate roughage/ gut fill in the diet. Increased vulva lesions are also associated with an increased percentage of culled sows.

How to assess and score using the AssureWel measure

 Vulva lesions (Dry sows)                                                                                                                  Individual measure
 Observation: Visually assess the vulva region.

0 None                =
1  Mild                =

2 Severe             =

No damage to the vulva;
Recent damage to the vulva including fresh or scabbed bite wounds but not including old scarring;
Vulva lesion >3cm length or 1cm diameter;
Or deep tissue injury − these may also need to be recorded under ‘Pigs needing further care’.

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