Leg swellings

Why is it measured?

Leg swellings are caused by an inadequate environment and are associated with poor flooring conditions. Bursitis, a specific form of leg swelling, is associated with trauma which may arise from wet, slippery or damaged floors and is much less prevalent in systems with sufficient bedding. Leg swellings may be associated with abnormal posture, locomotion and foot lesions of the hind limb and therefore have a detrimental effect on pig welfare.

How to assess and score using the AssureWel measure

 Leg swellings (dry sows and finishing pigs)                                                                              Individual measure
 Observation: Stand near the animal and visually assess the front and hind limbs, on one side only, for leg swellings

0 None                =
1 Small               =
2 Large              =

No evidence of swelling;
Swelling present up to 5cm in diameter (walnut-sized);
Swelling present larger than 5cm diameter (walnut-sized) or any swelling that is eroded.
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