AssureWel Consultancy

AssureWel consultancy can:

  • Provide full training packages on welfare outcome assessment for the main farm animal species (including session in the classroom and on farm). Training packages can be tailored to individual needs (e.g. farm assurance assessors, field staff, farmers and consultants). Refresher days to allow for standardisation and updates can also be included.
  • Provide access to an online training tool, standalone or as part of a training package. The AssureWel training tool provides guidance on welfare outcomes measures across the main farm animal species*. The tool includes examples to help you gain confidence in assessing the various measures covered and the opportunity to review and standardise your knowledge using interactive tests. It is recommended the online tool should be used following on-farm training.
  • Provide consultancy on effectively embedding welfare outcome assessment within a farm assurance scheme.
  • Provide consultancy on, or delivery of, full welfare outcome assessment data analysis and interrogation, including the production of benchmarks and action thresholds.
  • Provide consultancy on the effective use of welfare outcome assessment on farm to improve animal health, welfare and productivity, and ensure compliance with farm assurance and retailer scheme standards.

For AssureWel Consultancy enquiries please contact

* Currently for laying hens and dairy cows and pigs.
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