Pigs needing further care

Why is it measured?

The treatment of a sick or injured pig is in the hands of the producer and the pig’s welfare should always be the first consideration. Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, failing to provide care that is likely to prevent suffering is just as much an offence as directly causing suffering. At an individual level, a sick or injured pig has compromised welfare and must be attended to without delay. A high prevalence of pigs requiring further care at a herd level may indicate poor management or a disease issue.

How to assess and score using the AssureWel measure

Pigs needing further care (dry sows and finishing pigs)                                                          Pen / Herd measure



Observe all the pigs in your observation pens and any others seen, including those in hospital pens, to assess and record the number of sick or injured pigs that would benefit from further intervention.
Further interventions include further treatment, hospitalisation or culling.
This could include pigs who are sick, injured or lame and are unable to compete for resources, being bullied/tail bitten or would benefit from access to more comfortable bedding and space (to rest) than is available in that pen.
This assesses legislative compliance that ‘where necessary, any sick or injured pigs shall be temporarily isolated in suitable accommodation with dry, comfortable bedding’.
The nature of the condition and the pen environment will affect this measure.

Do not include sick or injured pigs already receiving suitable care. 
Number of pigs seen that would benefit from further treatment, hospitalisation or culling.
When identifying pigs requiring further care, please record reasons and the relevant Pen ID.

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