Why is it measured?

A simple observation to help indicate the general behaviour of the flock and how accustomed the birds are to humans (indicating how regularly and thoroughly the birds are walked)

How to assess and score using the AssureWel measure

5. Flightiness
Sample size: Whole flock
Method of assessment: Observe the behaviour of birds during the assessment.
Record: Calm            - In general, the birds appear undisturbed by your presence or actively  
                        approach you
Cautious      - In general, the birds' behaviour is disturbed by your presence but the
                        birds do not appear actively alarmed
Flighty         - The birds appear actively alarmed by your presence


  1. Feather loss
  2. Bird dirtiness
  3. Beak trimming
  4. Antagonistic behaviours
  5. Flightiness
  6. Birds needing further care
  7. Mortality

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Making improvements

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