Birds needing further care

Why is it measured?

Sick birds require additional attention to ensure any suffering is alleviated as soon as possible. Early recognition, treatment or culling of sick birds is the key to reducing any potential welfare compromise.

How to assess and score using the AssureWel measure

6. Birds needing further care
Sample size: Whole flock
Method of assessment: Assess the whole flock for sick or injured birds that would benefit from hospitalisation (removal from the main flock) or should be culled.

This would include obviously sick birds (with fluffed up feathers and an inactive, unresponsive appearance) and birds with body wounds that have fresh blood that might attract cannibalistic attention from other birds. Include birds in hospital pen that should be culled.
Record: Number of any sick/injured birds found that would benefit from hospitalisation or culling. Record if possible the type of sickness/injury: sick, loose droppings, skin lesions, eye problem, lameness, other.


  1. Feather loss
  2. Bird dirtiness
  3. Beak trimming
  4. Antagonistic behaviours
  5. Flightiness
  6. Birds needing further care
  7. Mortality

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